Mobile allied health services

What we do

We provide health and disability services on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We provide occupational therapy and physiotherapy  to assist people living with a disability, following a significant event, living with a chronic illness, or following an injury.

We are a mobile service which means we come to you! Our services are available on the Sunshine Coast and Surrounds.

It’s all about you

We put you in the driver’s seat and work towards the goals that are important to you. We will provide you with the options that will work for you, and follow your recommendations. We build your ability to self manage, this means we teach you the skills you need to look after yourself better and be more independent. This is what is meant by capacity building.

We help people with their health or disability needs


With physiotherapy and occupational therapy in your own home


To help navigate health and disability services


By providing options to connect with other care and service providers


To coordinate self-chosen services that work for you


To improve your capacity and to do more on your own, or with less help


By helping you to get out into your community


To achieve the quality outcomes that are important to you


To achieve your goals


To reach your peak!

We are mobile
we come to you

We come to you where you want us to. This might be at your place of work, school, or home (wherever is most convenient). If you think we have a service that might help we would love to hear from you.

Allied Health Therapies

Allied health therapies are client centered supports that aim to improve your function and help you achieve your goals.


We offer services for specialist support coordination, support coordination, and allied health therapeutic supports.

Case Management

We provide case management services to simplify the process and assist you on your recovery journey.


About Peak Outcomes

Peak Outcomes was started by Brett and Kerryn McRitchie. Both Brett and Kerryn graduated in the early 2000s and have been supporting people with their health needs ever since. We have both worked extensively in the public health system, and have experience in providing allied health to people in their homes. We have assisted people to improve their function following injuries, significant life events, and for people living with disabilities. In 2019 we decided that we would start our own services to support people on the Sunshine Coast.

Occupational Therapist Kerryn McRitchie

Kerryn graduated as an occupational therapist in 2000.

Physiotherapist Brett McRitchie

Brett graduated as a physiotherapist in 2003. Initially Brett worked as a clinical physiotherapist helping people improve their function when:


They are living with a disability; and / or


Have had an injury; and / or


Have a medical condition that reduces their function.

Brett’s clinical roles have included rehabilitation, cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, aquatic physiotherapy and musculoskeletal physiotherapy (injury management). I have worked with clients that have very complex health and disability needs, to ensure they have appropriate supports that meet their needs. This has included:


Therapy for clients with complex needs


Coordinating services to meet their needs


Ensuring activities assist people to meet goals, and


Building capacity of the client to self manage

We have both worked as a case managers for people following on their rehabilitation and transferring home to continue their recovery. This has included people with neurological conditions, significant orthopaedic injuries, and spinal cord injuries. With this background we have decided to provide supports for people on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding communities that require assistance to improve their well-being, achieve their goals, and receive high-quality therapy.

Can we help you?